DarkSpore is a Computer role-playing in which you wipe out enemies go around 5 planets to the depth and various environments. You stroll the hovering islands of Zelum's Nexus plus the asteroid Cryos, in Verdanth, a star invaded by rich nature, you must prefer your tools and crew to struggle the dangers there on each planet.

Features :
Link the world of Darkspore, a Rapid-paced, Internet sci-fi Action Role Playing Game into that you fight across alien worlds in the direction of rescue the galaxy from the mutated armed forces of Darkspore. Battle within co-op plus solo wars opposed to hordes of Darkspore enemies as well as Masters. Gather an armory of Active weapons - genetic heroes among diverse fight skills - also improve them by tens of hundreds of collectible body parts along with shield. Create your own heroes really exclusive and intensely adapted in an enhanced form of the successful Spore Creature Editor. Pit your modified, upgraded pool of heroes in PvP area struggle in opposition to new players. Wipe out the plague of Darkspore as well as set free the galaxy in a distinctive and vastly replayable Sci-Fi action campaigns.

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System Requirements for Darkspore free download:
For Xp you need 2 GB RAM, 256 mb video card , 10 gb hard drive, latest version of Directx 9.0c and atleast 3.0 GHZ Pentium 4 or Intel Core 2 Duo 2ghz or faster.

For Vista you need 2 Gb ram, 10 gb hard drive, Intel core 2 duo processor and a 256 mb video card. (Same for Window 7)