Dead Island

Dead Island Description
A pair on the wing to the holiday of their wishes is torn by a violent airplane accident. Take on a upsetting journey to discover your misplaced partner. Go into the dim world of a devastated humid paradise at this time plunged into mess. It’s a position where the word "dead" has an totally fresh sense. Face the nightmare as well as struggle for survival. Discover the strategies buried in the darkest areas of the island and battle your way through. Survival is your major Aim!

Dead Island is a non-linear FPP (First Person Perspective) survival horror title. The ultra-lifelike combat structure will make sure that each confrontation is a exciting experience. Use everything you discover in your surroundings like a weapon. Make judgements that control the whole world around you. Catch benefits of opponent actions plus game physics. Dead Island is a blend of extreme action and scary horror environments in partaking, stunningly natural story.

Mega-Lifelike fight: Extreme and amazingly Lifelike hand-to-hand fight dependent on dynamic character moves plus camera angles. Lifelike physical tendencies of opponents to hits. Exceptionally trustworthy as well as complete damage model, Presenting injured skin, muscles and even bones. Revolutionary system on focusing plus Beating the opponents offers you exact control and a Lifelike fight sense.

Superior Artificial Life System: AL system enables you to get benefits of natural behaviors of communities plus individual opponents. Living, breathing and dynamically altering ecology confronted with the harmful power of a scattering epidemic. Lifelike and spontaneous NPC behavior. During your actions, actively Control NPC reactions.

Non-linear gameplay: Discover a Huge, unlocked world of a hot isle, on foot or in autos. Liberty of selecting your allies plus finishing tasks that bring you nearer to the End. Player Conclusions manipulate the way in which the game progresses, making it a multi-threaded story.

Completely Interactive Environments : The skill to employ all elements of the surrounding as weapons. A liquid, gas and electrical power physics simulation system, which enable you to make your own exclusive ways of removing enemies.

Minimum System Requirements to play Dead Island:
You need atleast 1 GB ram, 512 MB Graphic card, 7 GB free Hard disk space, OS window xp, widow 7 or Vista, Intel core 2 duo processor. (For Vista/7) You need 2 GB RAM)