Beltion: Beyond Ritual

beltion beyond ritual


Human life and the fate of the world are both balancing between two primal powers – Life and Death. Our hero’s destiny is to be a priest of the Death god, to be a respected guide of the One with whom everybody will meet. Sooner or later, similar end awaits a living person – no matter elf, human, orc or dwarf. But what Death matters against human will? Is it possible to overcome the boundaries set for the living? The answer and the path begins with the journey to the distant orc city for a magical artifact...

The path of necromancer.

The path of human...

The path of god?

Game description

The player is completely free to choose what to do in the game world. He can fight, trade, communicate with the Beltion inhabitants, accomplish quests given by them, develop his own character, fulfill different rituals of Gods and Powers who inhabit the game world.

The player will be able to visit countries and cities of Beltion continent, meet different characters of several races, gather interesting information about their everyday life by reading books, taking part in conversations, watching ingame movies. The persons player cam meet differ not only by racial belonging, but also by social levels, from high-ranking officials and rulers to beggars, vagabonds and rogues. Sometimes a clever dialogue will gain him more than a fight. Due to the possibility of trade, the player is able to sell items he gathered to buy new armour, weapons, magic items and ritual objects.

A role-playing system of own design

Original stylization of characters, weapons, equipment and locations

Unique character development system using four types of human personality – sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic, that allows the player to act in a most comfortable way

Different solutions for problems – by communication, combat or magic

More than three dozens of weapon types – swords, sabers, axes, hammers, clubs, halberds, spears, numerous crossbows. All variations with different combat specifications

Wide range of Death Magic spells, including the variety of undead summoning

Possibility of covert enemy liquidation in “stealth” type actions

Different endings dependant on the manner of play

Approximate playing time is about 60 hours