Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for Gamecube MODEL- 14652 VENDOR- ELECTRONIC ARTS FEATURES- Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone The Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone next generation console games not only use story elements from the first book and film, but also include content exclusive to these versions of the game. This brand-new Harry Potter experience includes new characters, locations, and gameplay, plus a new ending and a day/night format that highlights game-specific story elements. Fans will be thrilled to explore this unique game for the next generation consoles and further expand their adventure as Harry Potter moving through the story of the book and film. Designed to fully exploit the platforms capabilities for action adventure titles, it will set a benchmark for forthcoming titles created from the Harry Potter fiction. * Technology - No loading times; movie quality cut-scenes using a cut- scene exporter. * New Creatures - Peeves Boss; Venomous Tentaculi; Devils Snare; Mutated Gytrash; Forest Trolls and Troll Boss; Flying Keys; Voldemort. * New Activities and Locations - New Spongify spell; Ollivanders Wand Shop; Library Restricted section; Final challenge areas; Hagrids Garden and potion ingredients Hub. * Hogwarts - Day and Night environments; Student-filled school; Wizard Card trading. * New Ending - The original movie ending, as desired by Producer David Heyman, concludes this game with Harry defeating Voldemort by being protected by his mothers love reflected in the Mirror of Erised. * New Conte