Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

acINFO: From legendary video game producer Kou Shibusawa comes his next historical simulation masterpiece. Rediscover an ancient civilisation with an explosive history in the most stunning edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Set during the end of China's Han Dynasty and the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. RTK XI presents the most visually captivating evolution in the history of the series. Blurring the line between video games and art, RTK XI features visuals evocative of classical Chinese ink-paintings along with debates and duels rendered in real-time 3D animation.
As the ruler of a kingdom, each player will have complete control over their territories. More than 40 base commands give players the power to govern cities, manage their personnel, practice diplomacy and much more. Complete freedom to develop markets, shipyards, outposts, forts and military units expand on the already substantial benchmarks established by previous editions of the series.
Furthermore, players will watch the era come to life through the uniquely individual personalities of the more than 780 officers and supporting characters they will encounter.
Publisher / Developer : Koei
Genre : Historic Turn-Based Strategy
Release Date : 03/09/2008
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