Red Shark 2



Mankind has been striving for the sky for ages. Probably every child dreams about flying. After a number of years this desire fades away for some people, for others it grows, but for majority it transforms into desire to fly with heavy-caliber bullet gun. However there are many barriers to achieve this desire: military service, taking flying lessons and a lack of second hand military helicopters on the free market. Its not surprising only a handful achieve this desire. “Red Shark” - is an opportunity to feel yourself as a pilot of an armed till teeth helicopter, without reading the manual of how to control rotary-wing machinery or to conduct an air fight. To control “Red Shark” you only need some experience in third person shooter game play.

Hardware Requirements

Celeron 350 processor / 16 MB video card / 64 MB RAM / Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/ Microsoft DirectX 7.0 or higher / Recommended: Pentium III 500 processor 32 MB video card / 128 MB RAM