Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed



Completely new PC game engine with industry leading graphics and car physics Fast-paced quick races for instant action: high speed thrills with traffic, cops, spectacular crashes and real damage Mission-based challenges reward 360 ? burn-outs, smoking tires and more with tougher tests if you can survive Deep career-mode through time Purchase, upgrade, repair and maintain your cars Supply &demand based economy simulates inflation Car history is tracked affecting future value Over 80 Porsche models, including the yet to be released 2000 996 Turbo, with accurate four-point physics 2000 polygon cars, high detail 3D cockpits and more cars to download free from the Need For Speed web site Nine European open road courses plus three purpose built race tracks Alternate routes, road intersections, on and off-ramps and extensive short cuts. Multiplayer racing via modem, LAN and direct link (internet racing post launch) Porsche showcase: video, slides, narration & stats on Porsche's rich history

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz, or Higher, 4 MB, 3D Graphics Accelerator, 150 MB 4X or, Faster 32 MB, DirectX 7.0