Ghost Master

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Problems in the small town of Gravenville have attracted the notice of the Haunter Committee,
and you're sent to set things right by generally scaring the bejesus out of the flesh-and-blood
types. You do this by recruiting a team of ghosts for each scenario. This spook squad is drawn
from six categories--sprites, disturbances, elementals, vapours, frighteners, and horrors--named
for the chief characteristics and skills of their members. The sprites class, for instance,
consists of minor spirits who mess up electrical appliances, like the cogjammer gremlin and the
ghostly spider, clatterclaws. Elementals features aether and earthwall, who have the capabilities
of air and earth elementals, respectively. Horrors represents the worst of the worst, such as the
mortal-possessing ghastly and the headless horseman. Every sort of spook that's ever made type
B-positive run down the walls in a fright flick is at your beck and call here.