El Matador

El Matador has something of a Hitman or Splinter Cell feel because of the gritty settings, the true-crime storylEl Matador has something of a Hitman or Splinter Cell feel because of the gritty settings, the true-crime storyline where you're trying to take down the heirs to Pablo Escobar single-handedly, and the fact that just a few bursts of fire or a couple of well-placed grenades can send you to back to Washington in a body bag.


You, El Matador, will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combining all the essential features of unexpected surprise, plot twists and dramatic developments.

A huge arrival of South American cocaine is expected in the USA. This is not just any narco-baron activity, but an attempt to gain control over the drug market in the USA by a newly established brotherhood called “La Hermandad”. El Matador will have to fight not only against the dangerous Latin Narcomafia, but also against the betrayal of his own people.

El Matador is an impressive thriller full of corruption, revenge, mortal ambiguity and ultimate justice set in varied locations of Costa Rica, Cuba, Columbia and many more exciting places, inspired by real environments in the region.


Diverse South American environment

Huge arsenal of weapons

Interactive environment with destructible objects

Thrilling movie-like storyline

Fascinating range of enemies (from the drug cartels’ bosses to simple gang members)

Hierarchical AI system

Real physics and rag doll effects

Engine animations with atmosphere building effects

Hardware Requirements

Minimum requirements (minimum graphical detail)

1.5 GHz Pentium 3 \ AMD Athlon class processor
128 MB DirectX 9 compatible AGP graphics card with HW pixel & vertex shaders support (nVidia GeForce 4, ATI Radeon 8500,...)
512 MB RAM
2.5 GB hard drive space
Windows XP
Sound Blaster compatible sound card
DirectX 9
Recommended requirements (medium graphical detail)
~3 GHz Pentium 4 \ AMD Athlon class processor
256 MB DirectX 9 class AGP graphics card with pixel and vertex shaders v2.0 support (GeForce6,Radeon 9800 Pro,...)
1024 MB RAM
EAX enabled sound card
2.5 GB hard drive space
Windows XP
DirectX 9