Car Boosting

Step into the role of a taxi driver who, through some bad decisions, is drawn into a life of crime. Car theft becomes second nature, and you will experience first-hand the hard life in the big city that inevitably comes with the trade. Adrenaline hits and thrills occur all the time, but you’ll constantly need to keep an eye over your shoulder – the police are never far behind.


* Various special cars, including a 1930’s Cadillac
* Various specific missions
* Chauffeur driving skills essential
* Big obscure city
* Fine feeling essential in dealing with the Mafia and the Police!
* Life threatening explosives to carry
* Are you up for the Job?

System requirements:

* Windows 98, 2000, XP
* DirectX 8 with latest video driver from your video card vendor
* 200 MB free HDD space
* 256 MB RAM
* CPU Pentium III 600 MHz
* 32 MB 3D video card (GeForce I with T&L capability)