Sniper Art Of Victory

Yr of the release: 2007

Genre: Shooter

The developer: City Interactive

The publishing house: City Interactive

The platform: PC

The language of the interface: German
Description: BECOME THE EYEWITNESS OF A DROP IN THE THIRD REICH World War II it was the theater of the war shooting of many specialized military formations, which worked reporting, into the name of the victory of entire army. Among them imperceptible, but fatal snipers played unique role. Their ability to lie motionlessly, expecting the best moment for the shot, together with their professional equipment, they allowed them by one pressure of cock to change the direction of the history
Special features of the game:
* the moved ballistic system, which considers wind and gravitational force.
* the realistic sniper rifles: Mosina- Nagant revolver PU Mauser 98KS
* the unique system of the shooting of snipers, in which is considered state the pointer (respiration, concentration and the like.)
System requirements: -
- Processor 1,6GHz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- Win 2000/XP/Vista
- Ati Radeon 8500 or GeForce3
- DirectX compatible sound card
- 2GB Free Hard Drive Space
Installation: (extract)
1. Instal with the help of Deamon Tools
2. Establish the game
3. Play!

game download