This sequel to the very fun (but often overlooked) MDK not only lets you take on the role of Kurt Hectic, but also his companions Max the Dog and Professor Hawkins. The game features different levels where you play each character. Kurt is all about stealth, Max is about firepower, and the Professor is about puzzle solving and combining items to form new weapons and gadgets. The game is played from a third person over the shoulder point of view, and features tons of action and the unique humor and character that made the first game a hit.

MDK2 System Requirements

The system requirements for MDK2 are as follows:

Required Recommended
Processor Pentium 200 MHz Pentium II 300 MHz
Operating System Windows 95/98/ME
RAM 16 MB 32 MB
DirectX DirectX 5.0 DirectX 7.0a
Video Card OpenGL video card with 4 MB OpenGL video card with 8 MB
Sound Card DirectX certified sound card EAX supported sound card
OpenGL OpenGL 1.2
Hard Disk Installation 250 MB