Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2

Dragon Ball Z®: Shin Budokai™ Another Road takes the intense fighting dynamics made popular in the 2006 PSP hit game and takes it to new heights with exciting features to please long-time Dragon Ball fans and those new to the franchise. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai™ Another Road offers a completely new story following the favorite character, Trunks on his adventures fighting against his rival Majin Buu in the future. With thrilling combative gameplay such as counter-attacks, super high-speed bouts, flight and Ki energy management, gamers will have the power to play heroes and villains from the worlds of the DBZ, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball movies. The game also features an improved camera system for more dynamic battles and an improved fighting system with over 50 additional fighting skills and ultimate attacks, allowing for a smoother battle experience.

Using a portable Ad-hoc network, Dragon Ball Z®: Shin Budokai Another Road allows explosive wireless two-player battles with 24 playable characters with in-game transformations to more powerful forms. With the improved fighting system and high-speed Ad-hoc battles, Dragon Ball fans can enjoy in single-player or multi-player modes the completely new 'what if' scenario of Trunks future adventures.
atari games Fulfills the most thrilling aspects of DBZ combat, including (and especially), counter-attacks, super high-speed bouts, flight, and Ki (energy) management
atari games
atari games Each transformed character has differentiuated moves and fighting styles
atari games
atari games Exciting heroes and villains from DBZ, DBGT, and Dragon Ball movies
atari games
atari games Compelling single player mode that allows fans to relive the best Dragon Ball Z and GT battles
atari games
atari games 18 playable characters, including in-game transformations to more powerful forms
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atari games 7 game modes, including new "what if" scenario telling the story of the future world of Trunks

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