Fallout 2


Fallout 1 is set in the aftermath of a world-wide nuclear war, Fallout will challenge you to survive in an unknown and dangerous world. You will take the role of a Vault-dweller, a person who has grown up in a secluded, underground survival Vault. Circumstances arise that force you to go Outside -- to a strange world 80 years after the end of the modern civilization. A world of mutants, radiation, gangs and violence. In Fallout 2, you are the Chosen One. The village elders have selected you to wear the sacred Vault-suit of your grandsire and, in time, to ascend to the leadership of your people. First you must prove your devotion to your people.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 90 MHz or Higher SVGA Graphics Card 50 MB 4X or Faster 16 MB Rec: Pentium 120 MHz or Higher SVGA Graphics Card 150 MB 4X or Faster 32 MB DirectX 5.0