Ragnarok online

What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based on Norse mythology. Users can create characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy worlds full of adventure. It is an online RPG game that provide community interaction between players.

Ragnarok Online started its service in Indonesia at 25th May 2003. Less than a month, Ragnarok Online Indonesia (IdRO) becoming the most popular game in the country, and the community is keep bigger from time to time. Currently IdRO have more than 25,000 concurrent user and more 2500 Game Station access this game. Ragnarok is like most games is about fighting, killing, and winning. But this game also has, unlike most games, a very strong community aspect. It is a massive world, where in games like Diablo 2 multiplayer, which has many worlds, that even you can host yourself; Ragnarok is one big role-playing world, in which everyone interacts with everyone.

The background and storyline of Ragnarok is from the original animation of “Ragnarok” (written by Myung-Jin Lee).

The word “Ragnarok” means “The destruction of the world in the war between the gods and the forces of evil, led by Loki, the evil son of a giant, twilight of the gods” which is derived from the Norse scripts.

The last game the Gravity created was called “Arcturus”(?) which I don’t know anything about, was the original construct of Ragnarok, but was unsuccessful for reasons I don’t know. I’m guessing though, it was too much like other game on the market, and to make Ragnarok stand out from its competitors, there was its upgrade to a 3D environment, with the 2D sprites as the characters, and to finish it off, the Back Ground Music (BGM) and various other music was composed by TeMP, to make it that little bit more unique (the BGM absolutly rules in this game).

Ragnarok Online!

Game Features!

Over 20 different job classes!

Players can select from a wide range of job classes that suit their individual playing style. Each job class comes with a unique array of skills and abilities. The strengths and weaknesses of these classes encourages to players of different types to form parties.

Lush Graphics and Sound!

Ragnarok features hand-drawn, anime-rendered characters set onto realistic 3D backgrounds. The graphical design of the environments has been inspired by mythological and historical elements from various cultures around the world. Similarly, the music score is a diverse collection of eclectic songs drawn from various genre inspirations. The huge music library composed by TeMP, ensures that users will rarely be bored with the same song twice.

Windows Oriented Interface!

Ragnarok has an easy-to-control interface. Users can also customize the interface to optimize usability and comfort.

Unique Network Technology!

AEGIS is a unique array of individual servers linked to together to create a series of zone servers that connect that vast worlds and people within Ragnarok Online. This allows a tremendous number of people to meet in a single world and share the experience of Ragnarok together.