Outcast is an action-adventure from Infogrames that doesn't seem particularly original. Like many games that lay claim to that hybrid categorization, it presents you with a series of standard puzzles intermingled with some straightforward combat. But just as it seems to owe a big debt to the Tomb Raider series and other games in that vein, Outcast also comes across as unique. Perhaps it's that the story helps make even its silliest puzzle seem relevant or that the game comprises an enormous world populated with interesting characters. Whatever the case, although Outcast may not do anything new, it does what it does extremely well.

You play as stereotypical wisecracking action hero Cutter Slade, who has been commanded to lead a group of scientists on a rescue mission to a parallel world. Slade's mission goes awry, and he ends up alone and practically defenseless. The natives offer to help him, but only if he agrees to save their world from the tyranny of Fae Rhan. Apparently the natives think Slade is the savior prophesied by their previous leader.