Set in the outer reaches of the planetary system, Freelancer combines the action of 3-D space combat, the exploration of a dynamic, living universe and trading in a rich galactic economy, where players' decisions drive the adventure. Slated for U.S. release in spring 2003 and developed by Digital Anvil, the epic adventure allows players to choose the life of a bounty hunter, trader, pirate or explorer, earning the spoils and enemies that come with each experience. The open-ended style of gameplay gives gamers a choice between following a linear storyline or determining how the story will unfold. The multiplayer component enables players around the globe with their own servers to fly missions or explore space together. An enhanced mouse and keyboard interface simulates the realistic feel of flying a spaceship while making the game accessible to a wide range of gamers.

Hardware Requirements

CD-ROM for Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems