An action game with roleplaying elements set in a medieval world. The player controls two characters simultaneously (choice of eight) in a quest to collect the seven magic crystals of the mystical Orb in order to defeat the evil wizard Drakk. Surviving this medieval world, living under the shadow of a nefarious dragon, will require nothing less than a complete transformation. As a knight, monk, thief, or sorcerer, you will creep through dungeons, explore towns and wilderness, and slay armies of nasty enemies on your quest to collect seven crystals that can defeat your firebreathing nemesis. Look deep inside yourself. Is there a dragon slayer within?

Hardware Requirements

P233MHz MMX or equivalent; 32MB free system RAM (64MB recommended); 170MB hard drive space (300mb recommended); 8x CD-ROM Drive; Direct 3D compatible 4 MB 3D accelarator board; DirectX 6 (recommended); DirectShow (recommended).