Dark Reign 2

Dark Reign 2 is the sequel to Activision's critically acclaimed (but virtually ignored) real-time strategy debut from a few years ago. Where DR1 innovated by offering more varied units and an excellent futuristic storyline, DR2 proves that even spruced up 3D graphics and a 3/4 viewing angle won't be enough to save the aging RTS genre.

While just about every RTS developer except Westwood has jumped on the 3D bandwagon, Dark Reign 2 is the first game to deliver true 3D graphics. (Note: Don't be fooled by the recently released Ground Control, which is an action combat game). Despite the fact that the graphics are richly detailed and fluid, the game still suffers from pathfinding and AI problems, repetitive mine/build/attack gameplay, an underdeveloped storyline, and several other typical RTS bugaboos.