Dragon Ball Z - Bid For Power. (v2)

What is Bid For Power?
Bid For Power (BFP) is a quake 3 total conversion. We have taken quake 3 and used it to create a new game. In order to play BFP, you would normally need the full retail version of Quake 3 Arena, but you are lucky a team like DigitalZone exists:

BFP used to have Dragonball Z Models & Maps. But since FUNimation got ~censored~ and didn't allow DBZ characters to be used they had to be taken out.

We, DigitalZone have brought them back to you in the newest version of BFP 1.2. We have added more than 80 DBZ original models for BFP and we've taken out the 6 Non-DBZ models. We've also added numerous original DBZ Maps. In total you'll have 25 maps..

- 81 different selectable characters, each with 5 attacks.
- 25 maps, mostly DBZ original maps!
- Loads of different ki attacks including controllable, homing, and chargeable attacks (no guns).
- Toggleable flight.
- Offhand melee combat
- Re-"charge"able ki energy for ammo, flight, and speed/power boost.
- Power level determines the strength of attacks, speed of movement, max health, max ki, ki charge rate, and what attacks are available.
- 5 different game modes: FFA, 1v1, Team DM, Last Man Standing Team DM, and Giant Monkey mode.
- Numerous new player animations.
- Head and full body transformations, selectable aura, ki trail, scalable attacks, big explosions, playable third person mode, first person vis mode.

How do I play a multi-player game?
This game is designed to be played multiplayer (LAN recommended). From the main menu, click on the "multiplayer" button. BFP will scan all of the quake 3 arena servers and display any BFP servers that it finds. Once a BFP server is found, highlight it, click accept and the game will connect to the server.

NOTE: You will barely find any BFP server that uses DBZ characters. But if this release becomes very popular maybe you'll find some.

Is there a single-player game?
Just barely. This game is intended to be played multi-player. A single player game can be played with the BOTS, but we recommend playing against real people.


Pressing block once grants the player between one and two seconds of blocking. Blocking drains ki quickly, but transfers all damage to ki instead of health. Blocking can also be used to deflect missile attacks. There is a one second delay between when the player stops blocking and when the player can block again.

Ki Attacks
Each character has 5 attacks. At the lowest power tier, the player only has one selectable attack. Each time the player advances to a new power tier, he gets a new selectable attack. By default, each of the numeric keys, 1-5, choose a different attack. Only one attack can be selected at a time, but switching between attacks is instant.
- standard attacks: hold down fire and you fire.
- charge-up attacks: hold down fire to start charging the attack, release fire to fire.
- minimum charge-up attacks: same as charge-up attacks, but with a minimum charge-up time. The ball of ki will appear in the player's hands once he is prepared to fire.
- beam attacks: a type of charge-up attack. Can only fire one beam at a time. After firing, you can aim the attack by moving the mouse, or detonate it by hitting fire again.
- homing attacks: these attacks will home in on the nearest opponent.


Attack Collisions
Unlike quake 3 attacks, BFP attacks are more than just a trajectory. Attacks have actual dimensions, and will explode on contact with players. If an attack looks 50' wide, it will hit any players who come within 25' of the center of the attack. Mid-air attack collisions also happen. Two attacks that collide will damage each other, and the stronger attack will cause the other to explode. The exception is any beam attack, which enters into a power struggle when hitting another beam attack, and will explode any non-beam attack except for the disk attacks and the deathball.

Power Struggles
When two beam attacks collide, a power struggle will happen. Instead of the stronger beam blowing up the weaker beam, the stronger beam will push back the weaker beam until it hits the other player. Ki boost can be used to up the power of your beam if you are losing a power struggle. The Death Ball is an exception among the missile attacks, and can be used in a power struggle.

minimun system reqirement

tested on xp
1gb ram
p4 processor 2.66 ghz