Line of Sight: Vietnam


In 1968 the U.S. Army assigned a young sniper to the 5th Special Forces compound in Nha Tong, Vietnam. His mission: disrupt the enemy’s command structure, scout Viet Cong positions, and ambush the enemy in the dead of night. For him, success depended on a rifle, a target, and a clear Line of Sight.In LINE OF SIGHT: VIETNAM your job is to locate elusive enemy soldiers and pick them off one-by-one. Whether patiently waiting for the enemy to show himself or delivering a pre-emptive strike, the method is the same – be quick, be quiet, and be careful. That’s what will get you home alive.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP ;Processor: Pentium III 550 MHz or Higher ;Video Card: 16 MB 3D Video Card ;Hard Drive: 650 MB HD ;CD-ROM: 8x or Faster ;RAM: 128 MB RAM

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