Experimenting with alternative power sources, the biophysicist Henry Alfred Cole found a way to extract the soul from a human body and use the soul as a power source. The soulless bodies however turned into zombies. Hellish creatures started filling them to change dramatically the essence of the host body.
A daemon from a parallel world, Baphomet, installed himself in one soulless body and soon founded the cult of Lucifer. The aim of this cult was to open the gate for Lucifer to come into the humans’ world. The number of followers of the cult increased at a catastrophic rate; Satanists all around the world were joining their ranks.
The main hero is concerned with the fate of his missing friend, who had had a meeting with the leader of a satanic sect just a day before his disappearance. His persistent investigations become a threat to the Satan worshippers and Satanists start hunting after him. The creepy truth about the fate of his friend will reveal itself in the mansion of the biophysicist…
Clean the earth from the heresy and the minions of Lucifer!


24 weapons types and diverse special equipment, including a night vision device, binoculars, movement sensors and loads more!

Infinite crowds of monsters, gallons of gore, kilograms of ammo.

Perfect graphical realization with advanced DirectX 9 effects.

EAX technology allows advanced 3D sound effects of outstanding quality.

Multiplayer via LAN.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/ 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor/128MB RAM//DirectSound compatibile PCI 16-bit sound card/ DirectX9.0b